Saw Operator- Dayshift

Pennex Aluminum Co.

Wellsville, PA

 7 AM-7 PM

Duties involve running the log saw and homogenizing furnace and coordinating all metal movements through the saw, homogenizer and into the storage yard in a safe, efficient manner.

Stacks and bands billets into bundles placing two straps on each bundle. Stamps billets showing alloy number, heat number and color codes opposite end of billet.

Ensures proper labeling of billets with production tag showing billet length, heat number and saw operator’s initials.

Moves cut billet into appropriate storage area using forklift. Assists in loading and unloading of logs into appropriate stacks prior to and after completion of homogenization.

Operates homogenizing furnace.

Roll logs from table to saw area.

Assists in starting and stopping all cast at the cast unit.