Senior Engineer(Growth)


Pine Brook, NJ

Responsible for operation of crystal growth processes, incl. source synthesis, seed preparation, bulk crystal growth, post growth treatment, & any other related processes. Creates/maintains SPC charts for crystal growth processes. Lead the implementation of processes/technology from the R&D to manufacturing. Work with the R&D on projects related to the development & manufacturing of SiC crystals. Within the framework of R&D projects/commercial manufacturing run by designs, schedules/carries out crystal growth, materials processing & other experiments & analyzes their results.  Maintains technical drawings of crystal growth & related equipment parts. Characterizes produced single crystals using all necessary tools and techniques. Investigates data to establish correlations & trends. Characterizes technological processes, establishes the process reliability and “bottlenecks”.  Finds solutions to problems & optimizes crystal growth to improve product quality, increase yields & throughput. Generates scientific & technical ideas & contributes to the Intellectual Property Portfolio of Coherent by writing disclosures and patents.

Job Element

Wt %

Specific Duty

1)  SiC Crystal Growth Manufacturing


  1. Optimize up-time for all crystal growth furnaces and equipment and minimize unscheduled downtime for all crystal growth furnaces and equipment.
  2. Develop and optimize all crystal growth and related processes including seed preparation, source preparation, crystal growth and crystal growth related characterization.
  3. Uses statistical tools such as SPC, DOE or similar for process development and data analysis. Use statistical methods and SPC charts to analyze the facility output and crystal quality trends.
  4. Uses statistical tools to perform characterization of technological processes to determine process reliability and “bottlenecks”.  Analyses process/product failure modes.
  5. Ensures that each technological step is properly documented, reviewed, validated and approved. 
  6. Actively participates in writing of crystal growth and related technological procedures in accordance with ISO-9000 guidelines.  Supervises and maintains a complete set of written growth room procedures.
  7. Ensures that all processes are carried out in accordance with the existing operational procedures, engineering guidelines and ISO 9001 principles.
  8. Trains all technicians on the transfer of R&D processes to manufacturing.
  9. Actively helps to solve equipment, process and training problems as they occur and in a timely manner.
  10. Ensures the growth facility is maintained at the appropriate level of order and cleanliness.
  11. All applicable OSHA and other relevant safety and health regulations are understood and complied with in the operation of the growth room

2)  SiC Crystal Growth Engineering Support


  1. Creates and maintains drawings related to crystal growth processes and equipment.
  2. Actively helps in hiring of growth technicians as needed.
  3. Ensures that employee training is carried out in a timely manner.
  4. Actively participates in characterization of single crystals and substrates.  Models and analyzes the obtained characterization data to establish fundamental trends and correlations and to develop scientifically sound conclusions.
  5. Periodically compiles various reports, such as Consumables Inventory, Yield, Process Output, Furnace Utilization and other.
  6. Uses the results of characterization to establish factors that affect crystal quality and to make recommendations for the technology optimization.
  7. Communicates the ideas, experimental and analytical results to the R&D team in a timely manner to accelerate the technology progress.
  8. Performs calibration of growth area equipment in accordance to the schedule.
  9. Supervises or performs growth room equipment maintenance.   Maintains a Preventative Maintenance schedule and PM log in accordance with ISO 9001 resulting in extended equipment life.
  10. 6S program.

3) Development and Optimization of Crystal Growth Technology


  1. Based on the practical experience accumulated by the technicians’ team gives technical recommendations and participates in the design of various furnace parts and hotzone components.
  2. Participates in the process development effort with the engineering team to advance the crystal growth technology.
  3. Identifies areas for cost reduction and supports WBG-wide cost reduction initiatives.
  4. Participates in a task team of engineers and technicians working on particular aspects of SiC crystal growth such as scaling up crystal diameter, improving growth process efficiency, enhancing yields and throughput, eliminating crystal defects, etc.
  5. Personally contributes to the development of ideas, approaches and engineering solutions leading to the improved crystal quality, growth process improvements and better characterization.  

4)  Human Resources/ Administrative


The Coherent Employee Success and Growth Process is executed effectively and an ESGP is co-developed and in place with each employee.

  1. Performance feedback/reviews are conducted at a high quality level and on time.
  2. Support is provided for the development and coordination of training plans and materials to continuously improve employee skill sets and productivity.
  3. Hiring, reviewing, promoting, counseling and/or terminating personnel is conducted in a fair, equitable manner.
  4. All department information systems, records, reports and metrics are accurate and generated on time
  5. Company policy is followed regarding all safety, environmental and ergonomic requirements.
  6. Responsible for maintaining a quality work environment housekeeping standards.
  7. Role model for Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction and Business Results.
  8. A high standard of ethics, professionalism, leadership, competency, and quality is established and maintained.


  • Bachelor’s in Material Science and Engineering, Physics, Chemistry or a related area of study
  • Master’s or Ph.D. degree in related technical field is a strong plus.


  • 3 to 7 years of relevant manufacturing experience
  • 5 years process development experience in a technology based environment; 3 to 5 years of hands-on experience with semiconductor materials and devices.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead people and achieve results through others
  • Experience with problem analysis and resolution at the functional level
  • Proven track record of continuous improvement
  • Able to develop plans, set goals, to evaluate work accomplishments and provide effective feedback
  • Experienced with Total Quality\Business Excellence and business process management

Special Skills:

  • General knowledge of crystal growth principles and practice.
  • Hands-on experience in the operation of furnaces, power supplies, vacuum systems and infrastructure equipment.
  • Knowledge and hands-on experience in maintenance of furnaces and associated laboratory instruments and facilities.
  • Able to rapidly identify operational and technical problems and emergencies and develop quick responses.
  • Ability to handle multiple priorities and issues in a fast paced, dynamic environment
  • Ability to work with employees in a multi-cultural, global team environment
  • Set a high standard of ethics, professionalism, leadership and competency

Safety Requirements

All employees are required to follow the site EHS procedures and Coherent Corp. EHS standards.

Quality and Environmental Responsibilities

Depending on location, this position may be responsible for the execution and maintenance of the ISO 9000, 9001, 14001 and/or other applicable standards that may apply to the relevant roles and responsibilities within the Quality Management System and Environmental Management System.

Culture Commitment

Ensure adherence to company’s values (ICARE) in all aspects of your position at Coherent Corp.:

Integrity – Create an Environment of Trust

Collaboration – Innovate Through the Sharing of Ideas

Accountability – Own the Process and the Outcome

Respect – Recognize the Value in Everyone

Enthusiasm – Find a Sense of Purpose in Work

Coherent Corp. is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, national origin, disability, protected Veteran status, age, or any other characteristic protected by law.


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