Supplier Quality Engineer

Motus Integrated Technologies

Holland, MI


  • Schedule, perform, report results and follow action plans for supplier audits, process reviews, and other appropriate system evaluations as required
  • Ensure Supplier compliance to Motus quality system requirements
  • Implement assigned activities to achieve supplier quality goals and objectives in support of the Motus global objective
  • Foster an atmosphere for a proactive continuous improvement culture with the supply base
  • Work collaboratively with internal/external teams
  • Supplier Quality Operating System results and reporting
  • Report monthly QOS as assigned
  • Ensure monthly supplier scorecards are completed and sent to assigned supply deck
  • Ensure action plans are established and followed for high impact suppliers
  • Lead assigned suppliers through the Focus Supplier Program
  • Perform regularly scheduled supplier site visits and assist suppliers with systemic issue resolution
  • Lead supplier problem solving initiative from containment phase to close out of 8D report
  • Mentor suppliers to adopt best practices
  • Candidate must be able to travel extensively and on short notice as necessary
  • Ability to work independently
  • Strong organizational skills required
  • Ability to understand, address and resolve complex problems
  • Promote the use of Statistical Process Control (SPC) and continuous improvement techniques to reduce variability and achieve process control
  • Develop positive relationships and effective lines of communication to foster partnerships with suppliers


  • Bachelor degree in Engineering or related
  • 3+ years of related Quality Engineering experience in a supplier quality function
  • CQE or equivalent certification preferred
  • Experience with APQP, PPAP, VDA and other customer specific requirements as necessary
  • Experience in implementation of various problem-solving methodologies and processes
  • Six Sigma certification preferred
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in supply quality metrics
  • Manufacturing engineering / production / quality experience preferred


Intellectual Competencies:

  • Intellectual – Ability to acquire understanding and absorb information rapidly. A quick study
  • Analytical – Ability to identify significant problems and opportunities. Can analyze problems and people in-depth.  Ability to determine root cause
  • Judgement/Decision Maker – Consistent logic, rationality and objectivity in decision making. Neither indecisive nor hip shooter
  • Conceptual Ability - Deals effectively with not just concrete, tangible issues but with abstract, conceptual matters
  • Leading Edge - Constantly benchmarks best practices & expects others to do same
  • Risk Taker– Takes calculated risks, with generally favorable outcomes. Does not “bet” the farm

Personal Competencies:

  • Independent - Willingness to take independent stand. Not swayed by last person talked with.
  • Handles Stress – Stable and poised under pressure
  • Self-Aware - Recognizes own strengths & weaknesses. Not defensive. Does not rationalize mistakes or blame others. Uses feedback mechanisms
  • Teamwork: Ability to work effectively in a team environment

Interpersonal Competencies:

  • First Impression – Exhibits professional demeanor. Creates favorable first impression-body language, eye contact, posture, etc.
  • Good Listener – Ability to tune in accurately to opinions, feelings, and needs of people. Empathetic and patient. Allows others to speak while listening actively
  • Oral Communication – Communicates well one-on-one, in small groups, and public speaking. Fluent, quick on feet, and keeps people informed
  • Written Communication – Writes clear, precise, well-organized documents using appropriate vocabulary, grammar and word usage
  • Negotiator– Achieves favorable outcomes in win/win negotiations
  • Persuasive – Persuasive in change efforts, selling a vision. Convincing 

Behavioral Competencies – Common to all Motus Positions

  • Integrity – Iron clad. Does not ethically cut corners.  Earns trust of co-workers.  Puts organization above self-interests.
  • Energy/Drive – Exhibits high level of energy and ability to energize others. Strong desire to achieve, high dedication level.  Gets Results. Recognizes excellence in the efforts and work of others. Enjoys seeing others succeed.  Ability to energize and motivate others.  Has a positive ‘can do’ attitude.
  • Customer Focus – Monitors internal and external client satisfaction. Establishes partner relationships with clients. Visible and accessible to clients. Focuses on partnerships with customers, suppliers and communities.
  • Change Leader - Embraces change. Communicates needs during periods of change. Actively intervenes to create & energize positive change. Leads by example.
  • Assertive/Edge – Ability to take a forceful stand on issues without being excessively abrasive. Able to challenge tactfully.
  • Execution – Likes to be challenged and can work through tough tasks and execute on stretch goals to move the organization forward.
  • Teamwork: Supports environment that encourages teamwork, cooperation and collaboration.
  • Interpersonal Communication: Is respectful when interacting with others. Shares information freely in all directions.
  • Problem-solving/Decision-making: Works cooperatively within teams to solve problems. Works cooperatively across teams to solve problems.
  • Personal Development: Continually learning and growing. Seeks out and uses personal feedback.
  • Innovator: Takes initiative. Encourages risk-taking in pursuit of continuous improvement.
  • Flexible - Embraces change. Communicates needs during periods of change.

Motus Integrated Technologies is a rapidly growing, $500 million manufacturer of high-performance headliners and interior products for the global automotive market. Headquartered in Holland Michigan, Motus operates state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in North America (U.S. and Mexico), Europe, and Asia with over 20 entities worldwide.  Motus is a portfolio company of Atlas Holdings, an industrial holding company headquartered in Greenwich, CT.

Motus Integrated Technologies offers a competitive compensation and benefits package (including but not limited to medical, dental, vision, Rx, life insurance, disability coverage, 401K and Company match, paid holidays, tuition reimbursement eligibility, etc.)

 Motus is an Equal Opportunity Employer