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CSV Event Upload Guide

If you have multiple MFG Day events you would like to upload at once, please follow the steps below to ensure that your events are properly submitted.

1. Register or sign in

Click on one of the buttons below to either register a new account or sign into your account to access the events portal to get started.

2. Download the CSV template

Once you’re logged in and at the Dashboard, click on the Submit 2+ Events via CSV Template button.

On the CSV Import page, click on the Download the CSV template button.

3. Fill out the CSV template

The information for your events go below the first row in the template, starting at Row 2. Each row indicates a single event.

If you are filling out the template in a spreadsheet application like Excel, we recommend first highlighting the row you are editing and setting the cell or “Number Format” to “Text” as shown in a couple of ways in the GIF below. This will help prevent your computer from reformatting your entry.

If you are copying information from a webpage or document to paste into the CSV sheet, first click into the cell you’re editing and then paste it directly into the formula field as shown below to prevent extra formatting from being carried over into the sheet.

Below, please find some formatting guidelines for the column fields in the CSV template to ensure that the uploader can accept your event information. All fields are required unless indicated otherwise.

Column & Field NameInstructions
A. Event TitleThe title of your event goes here. Your organization name(s) will be automatically brought into the final event name, so you can just give the event title.

Example: MFG Day Virtual Event
B. Is Registration PublicIf your event’s registration is open to the public, enter “yes” in this field. If registration is private, please enter “no” in this field.
C. Is Registration OpenIf the event is open to new registrations, enter “yes” here. If registration is closed, enter “no” here.
D. Registration TypeThis indicates how attendees can register for the event. If you have a registration link, enter “link” here. If attendees should register by contacting an email, enter “email” here.
E. External Registration LinkDepending on if you indicated that registration is done via link or email, insert that full registration URL (with the “http://” or “https://” portion) or email into this field.

Examples: or
F. Short DescriptionEnter a short description for your event here.

Example: Join our team for a virtual webinar on the future of manufacturing.
G. Start Date TimeEnter the date and time your event starts in the following format: Month/Day/4-digit-year[2 spaces]12-hour:Minutes:00[space][AM/PM (case-sensitive)]

10/2/2021 10:00:00 AM
H. End Date TimeEnter the date and time your event ends in the same format as the Start Date/Time above.

10/2/2021 1:30:00 PM
I. Is Event VirtualIf your event is virtual or online, enter “yes” here. If your event is not virtual/online, enter “no” here.
J. How to JoinIf you indicated that your event is virtual, enter 1–2 sentences here on how to join the event online.

Example: Please email to receive a link to this virtual event.
K. AddressEnter the address for an in-person event or your company/office address for virtual events. No need to include the suite or unit number, as this address is used for mapping purposes only and is not public on the website.

Example: 733 10th Street NW, Washington, DC 20001
L. Event TypeThis is an optional field if you’d like to specify your event type. You can enter one of the following options here: Facility Tour, Job Fair, Manufacturing Expo, Presentation, Other

To indicate more than 1 event type for a single event, separate each term by a semicolon, for example:
Facility Tour;Presentation
M. Organization NameEnter the organization name here.

Example: The Manufacturing Institute
N. Organization TypeEnter your organization type here from one of the following options:
1) Association
2) Chamber of Commerce
3) Education
4) Government
5) Manufacturer
6) MEP Center
7) Nonprofit
8) Regional Economic Development Group
9) Supplier to Manufacturing
10) Other
O. Organization WebsiteEnter your organization’s website URL including the “http://” or “https://” portion.

P. Organization AboutEnter a brief description of your organization here.

Example: The Manufacturing Institute grows and supports the industry’s skilled workers for the advancement of modern manufacturing.
Q. Organization FacebookThis is an optional field. Enter your organization’s Facebook page URL including the “http://” or “https://” portion.

R. Organization LinkedInThis is an optional field. Enter your organization’s LinkedIn page URL including the “http://” or “https://” portion.

S. Organization TwitterThis is an optional field. Enter your organization’s Twitter page URL including the “http://” or “https://” portion.

T. Organization YouTubeThis is an optional field. Enter your organization’s YouTube page URL including the “http://” or “https://” portion.

U. Organization Contact NameEnter the name of the point of contact for this organization.

Example: John Smith
V. Organization AddressThis is an optional field. Enter your organization’s address here.

Example: 733 10th Street NW, Washington, DC 20001
W. Organization Contact EmailEnter the email for your organization’s point of contact here.

X. Organization Contact PhoneEnter the phone number for your organization’s point of contact, including the area code. Please separate portions of the phone number with spaces or hyphens.

202 637 3000

Add More Organizations

The template is originally set up to show one host/participant organization. To have more than one organization listed on an event, first highlight columns M–X in the CSV template as shown in the below screenshot.

Copy this selection by pressing Ctrl+C on Windows or Command+C on Mac on your keyboard. Click into the next blank cell in row 1 (column Y) and paste by pressing Ctrl+V on Windows or Command+V on Mac.

These organization columns (and their corresponding labels) will be pasted on the spreadsheet, adding columns Y–AJ for a second organization. Copy and paste this again into the next blank column to add fields for a third organization (from columns AK–AV) and so on.

4. Upload the CSV Template

Make sure you’ve saved your CSV template by clicking on File > Save in the sheet or pressing Ctrl/Command+S on your keyboard.

On the CSV upload page, click on Choose File and select the CSV file you filled out. Then, click on Submit Completed CSV Template.

5. Check Your Submission

Once you’ve submitted your template, you’ll be brought back to the event portal or Dashboard. Scroll down to see your submitted events. If a submitted event has a field that need to be fixed, it will be marked as Needs Review. A successful upload will be marked with the Pending Approval label as shown below.

Click on the Edit button on an event’s row to review and edit that event’s information with the standard event form. On the page to edit a specific event, you will be able to adjust the time zone and indicate if a virtual event is ongoing past the provided end date under the Dates section.

On this page, you can also choose to further format the “How to Join The Event” description for virtual events using the visual text editor under the Event Type section.

When you’re all set reviewing your event, click on the Save button at the top of the page.

Have a question?

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