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National Association of Manufacturers’ research reveals the right messengers and right messages can shift views in a positive direction.

You are the right messenger.

You are passionate about modern manufacturing and understand the critical role it plays in our world’s future. You also know that a career in modern manufacturing is exciting, challenging, high-paying and rewarding.

Here is the right message:

#Creatorswanted to design the future and build a better tomorrow alongside America’s manufacturers.

#Creatorswanted to use advanced skills to make the next big thing with America’s manufacturers.

Modern manufacturing will generate 3.5M high-skilled jobs in offices, tech centers and your home.

All of your favorite products are a result of manufacturing. We need innovators.

#Creatorswanted for high-skilled jobs that pay an average salary of $84,832.

Become part of the solution. Help us reach new talent by sharing these posts on social media. That’s the only way we will overcome the skills gap that threatens our future and limits opportunities for America’s youth across the country. Parents need to see that manufacturing encompasses attributes they prize in careers: a chance to design, work in teams and build the future; a high-tech and high-touch work environment; an opportunity to lead early on; and a lifelong and rewarding career. With your help, they will.

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