Meet RJ Kamil, A 28-Year-Old Build Technician from Protolabs

Manufacturers in America have nearly half a million open jobs–a new record. While innovation is changing the types of jobs people do, it is not changing what is at the core of manufacturing in the United States: people from all walks of life who lend their talents to make things that matter.

Moreover, careers in manufacturing offer opportunities to utilize imagination, drive innovation, and put creative skills to work to solve problems. 

Just ask manufacturers like RJ Kamil.

“Creativity is a staple in this business,” RJ told us. “Before it was a machine, it was an idea.”

RJ is a 28-year-old build technician at Protolabs’ facility in Plymouth, Minnesota. He stumbled into his passion for manufacturing after realizing that a career in the industry was offering him everything he valued. 

“It dawned on me that the very thing I was going to college for, which was growth, opportunity, self-discovery, and an education of skills, was the foundation of the industry I found myself in,” RJ said.

Protolabs has provided RJ with ample experiences to grow and develop his skill sets (“As the company has grown, I have grown as well!”). But it’s not just the opportunity for personal growth that attracted RJ to manufacturing. It’s the chance to make a real difference in how the world operates. 

“Take a look around a room. Notice the frame for the light switch? Or the plastic arm rests on office chairs, or even the case on your cell phone? There’s a good chance Protolabs played a role in bringing it to life,” RJ said. 

RJ believes more young people should join his industry – and that perceptions people hold about manufacturing simply aren’t accurate. 

“The stigmas that revolve around manufacturing don’t hold true,” RJ said. “It is a fresh and revolutionary industry that is ever changing. Those of us in this field are exposed to the math and sciences on a daily basis.”

RJ agrees: creators are wanted in manufacturing. 

“In an industry filled with implementation of math and sciences, creativity is the resource that sparks a two way street of growth,” he said. “Growth for the company and growth of the individual.”

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