Come create the future

Encourage Your Kids to Consider a Career in
Modern Manufacturing

What You Should Know About Modern Manufacturing

•  Modern manufacturing offers a chance to design and build the future, whether it’s inventing the latest aircraft or automobile, a lifesaving medicine or a new way to harness power.

•  A manufacturing career allows you to combine practical problem-solving and creativity with exciting new technology, such as 3-D printing, robotics and computer-aided design, to shape and build a better tomorrow.

•  In modern manufacturing, you get the chance to lead and collaborate with others early on, to grow through the development of lifelong, invaluable skills and the opportunity to enhance your career across diverse fields, from technology to design, from aerospace to medicine, from computing to biotechnology.

•  The innovations of the future—whether that self-driving cars, precision agriculture or artificial intelligence—will be guided by tomorrow’s workforce in modern manufacturing.

•  Whether through an apprenticeship program, a graduate trainee role or on-the-job teaching, there are many routes into modern manufacturing.

•  Modern manufacturing will generate 3.5 million high-skilled jobs in the next decade, with many roles potentially going unfilled due to a lack of trained employees.

•  New jobs in modern manufacturing extend beyond shop floors and laboratories into offices, state-of-the-art tech centers and even your living room. Everything that is made needs smart thinkers and doers to invent, market, distribute and maintain revolutionary products.

•  All your favorite products—from your mobile device to your lifesaving medication—are a result of manufacturing. Manufacturing is the timeless innovation generator, touching every industry while making the world what it is today and what it will be tomorrow.

•  With skills in high demand, jobs are well rewarded—on average, a job in manufacturing pays more than $81,000 a year in salary and benefits. It’s the path to a secure career, with many opportunities to progress and grow.

Make a World of Difference at Pfizer

33,000 Pfizer colleagues in the United States are driven to discover the cure—driven to significantly improve the lives of everyone...everywhere. That can be your child’s future.

If your child joins Pfizer, he or she will partner with colleagues of diverse backgrounds and abilities, people who contribute to all aspects of what the company does—from drug development to marketing, from technology to sales and so much more. And he or she will find endless paths for growth and learning and opportunity and innovation.

Your child could be the one to discover the cure—or to market it, ensure it has the latest technology to make it a reality or simply help improve the lives of others. Encourage your child to join those who are similarly driven at Pfizer—to be a part of modern manufacturing in America.

Last year, the company hired more than 600 in the United States. So far this year, Pfizer’s hired more than 700—and counting!

•  Aseptic Inspectors
•  Aseptic Operators
•  Aseptic Supervisors
•  Process Engineers
•  Maintenance Supervisors
•  Skill Trades
•  Quality Engineers

•  Passion for excellence
•  Compliance mindset
•  Fundamental skills (math, verbal, writing)
•  Values (customer focus, community, respect for people, performance, collaboration, leadership, integrity, quality and innovation)
•  Prior experience in a highly regulated industry

Simply stated, Creators Wanted.

Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing Day is modern manufacturing’s biggest stage. On October 6, more than 3,000 schools and manufacturers, including Pfizer in Sanford, North Carolina, will open their doors and unveil the opportunities that lie beyond them to more than 600,000 parents, students, educators and other interested individuals to showcase modern manufacturing. Visiting a manufacturer in your area is a great way to get a firsthand look at modern manufacturing.