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MODERN MANUFACTURING offers numerous pathways to success, with the potential for high pay and an opportunity to make a real difference. From using cutting-edge technology to collaborating with teams comprised of diverse and super smart professionals, it’s an exciting industry that provides both security and creativity. To help you decide if a career in modern manufacturing is the right choice for you, here are 12 reasons to consider joining us!

12 Reasons to Consider a Career in Modern Manufacturing

Modern manufacturing careers are well-paid, highly skilled and diverse in roles

Do What you Love

A career in modern manufacturing provides an opportunity to pursue something you’re passionate about. From robotics to designing products, there is a path for everyone to find something that sparks their curiosity and creativity.

Make a Difference

There are incredible benefits when people work together and use their talents to create useful products. In modern manufacturing, individuals have the chance to directly contribute in solving problems with tangible rewards.

Make Money

Getting paid well for your work is always a plus; modern manufacturing jobs pay competitively, on average $95,990, including pay and benefits.

Did you know?

If stacked in $100 dollar bills, manufacturing’s annual contribution to the U.S. economy would be twice as tall as Mount Everest.

Modern manufacturing careers are rewarding in so many ways

Build Skills for the Future

Today’s machines are getting smarter and more efficient, focusing on automation and analytics; training in modern manufacturing gives creators an edge in pursuing cutting-edge skills as they set off into their working lives or further education pathways later on.

Work in Teams

Working in teams is crucial, whether it’s brainstorming ideas or problem solving together. Modern manufacturing values collaboration, creativity and technical skills, making it a dynamic and rewarding career path.

Develop Lifelong Friendships

Manufacturing teams often have a close-knit culture focused on learning from each other while having a bit of fun along the way! It’s a great setting for building connections and friendships.

Modern manufacturing careers get you ready for the future

Evolve with the Future

With so many emerging technologies driving change in modern manufacturing, companies support your growth and education.

Solve Problems

When working with technology, logic puzzles can crop up often; honing those analytical thinking muscles helps give you an edge not just inside but also outside the workplace too!

Advance Your Career

The modern workplace celebrates mobility; employees today want options –– opportunities that allow them to move up within a company or switch between positions at different companies along their career paths––and modern manufacturing offers both! Companies often provide tuition reimbursement and training, too.

Modern manufacturing careers give you peace of mind

Find Job Security

With so much economic growth projected from industry innovation over coming years – from AI integration to advanced robotics – manufacturers will continue seeking talented professionals looking for exciting positions with excellent job security prospects--because of the skills you'll build--well into the future!

You Are Needed

Between now and 2030, manufacturers in the United States will need to fill 4 million jobs, according to the Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte.

Lead Early On

Modern manufacturing gives team members the chance to gain leadership experience. With the industry constantly evolving, you have the ability to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and innovation, setting you on a path to a fulfilling and successful career.