Creators Wanted Tour Is Coming To Town

What Is It?

EXPERIENCE what modern manufacturing is today, in a way you’ve never seen it before. Teammates enter a challenge every ten minutes, competing against the clock to bust myths, solve riddles, crack codes, solve problems and work together to create their future. It’s a 53-foot traveling multi-room immersive experience—an “Escape Room”-like challenge—designed to hold students, parents, teachers and emerging workers’ attention, show that manufacturing has a place for everyone and educate about rewarding opportunities in manufacturing.

Wait, There's More!

The Experience


creators making a difference in modern manufacturing today, getting career advice and learning about the impact manufacturers make daily.


demonstrations, bringing to life how technology is advancing creativity.


resources that match interest in creativity with pathways to training, programs and careers to design and build a better tomorrow.

Thinking About The Future, Focusing On Present Safety

Creators Wanted is employing state-of-the-art technology to sanitize surfaces and filter air to fight viruses, bacteria and other hazards, while implementing appropriate safety protocols.


From the Dallas Preview

“The mobile experience is astounding; it’s unlike anything we’ve done as an industry to reach the next generation and engage emerging and displaced workers. But what makes this campaign worthwhile is that the mobile experience is just one part of a comprehensive plan to create interest and then create opportunity by providing resources to help people launch or grow a career in manufacturing”

–Mike Lamach, former Executive Chair of the Board of Directors, Trane Technologies

“Creators Wanted is a clever approach that teens will enjoy. 
We encourage parents and guidance counselors to consider it”

–The Dallas Morning News

“It’s fun as you’re learning something by doing it”

–16-year-old Dallas student

“The atmosphere was fun, really interactive and upbeat”

–15-year-old Dallas student

“Makes you proud of what we’re doing in America, 
and what we’re building, and more is to come”

–Ft. Worth parent