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Creators Wanted in West Columbia

The National Association of Manufacturers and The Manufacturing Institute, in partnership with Nephron Pharmaceuticals, South Carolina Chamber of Commerce and FactoryFix, are gearing up to bring the teacher, student and manufacturer-endorsed Creators Wanted Tour to West Columbia, South Carolina, at Nephron Nitrile, Oct. 4-7, 2022.

The event is complimentary. Interested in bringing your school, students, youth group, children and/or parent/career influencer or teacher group to the stop? Email us at

Come experience how you can create the future in the United States and see why students, teachers and parents across America are becoming more excited about career opportunities in modern manufacturing. It’s fun. It’s educational. It’s empowering. Together, let’s make the future.

Students are saying, “I loved it!” Teachers are saying, “Come back and see us!” Parents are saying, “Thank you!”

What will you say when you challenge yourself to make the future in our immersive experience, like a series of Escape Rooms, to bust myths, solve puzzles, crack codes and find hidden clues?

Register for Creators Wanted West Columbia’s Premier Event here!

Also at Creators Wanted Tour Live:

  • Interactive stations – Get hands-on with cool technologies, such as co-bots, drones and much more!
  • Creators Meet-and-Greets — Meet and get mentored by modern manufacturers at local companies.
  • See What’s Made in South Carolina — Learn about what’s created in South Carolina, and where the career opportunities are.
  • Creators Connect: Access education and job resources to inspire, educate and empower a new generation of creators in the United States.

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