The Creators Wanted Mission

Creators Wanted is the manufacturing industry’s largest campaign to build the workforce of the tomorrow—and inspire, educate and empower a new generation of creators in the United States today. The campaign is a joint effort of the National Association of Manufacturers and the workforce solutions leader, The Manufacturing Institute.

By 2025, Creators Wanted Will:

new workers recruited


Increase the number of students enrolling in technical and vocational schools or reskilling programs by


Increase the positive perception of the industry among parents to

50% from 27%.

Creators Wanted Tour Live

Partnerships built for Manufacturers

Creators Wanted is about building the workforce of tomorrow — and today. If hiring and building your talent pipeline or deepening relationships with feeder schools and institutions are your top priorities, Creators Wanted can connect you starting right now. Email [email protected] to learn more about supporting the campaign.

To build the impact of anchor Creators Wanted Tour Live stops, helping emerging workers and students connect with local manufacturers is key, be a part of this movement.

Creators Wanted Digital

The Creators Wanted campaign has amassed an email list that beats the cost per acquisition of the best campaigns in the country. Let us put our data science and digital prowess to work for you!

Creators Connect

Creators Connect is our virtual interactive resource center that serves as a starting point for future creators to begin discovering potential manufacturing career pathways of their own. It also features interactive versions of creators’ stories.

Your investment in Creators Connect will power additional capabilities to highlight live career and training opportunities.


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