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Building the Workforce of Tomorrow

Manufacturers in the United States need to fill 4.6 million jobs by 2028. More than half of those jobs could be left unfilled because of two issues: a skills gap and misperceptions about modern manufacturing.

That’s why the National Association of Manufacturers, together with the Manufacturing Institute, is launching Creators Wanted 2020, an unprecedented national effort to build the modern manufacturing workforce of tomorrow.

Creators Wanted Tour

Starting in spring 2020, the Creators Wanted Tour will hit the road to help America see, touch and feel modern manufacturing. Our immersive mobile tour experience will spend 18 weeks crisscrossing the country and visit at least 20 states, stopping at schools, manufacturing sites, community events and festivals big and small.

Making America Festival

125 years ago, the NAM was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio and in September 2020, we’re heading back to where it all started to celebrate our industry’s successes, showcase its innovations and set the course for its future. To do this, we’ll bring together thousands of manufacturers from across the country, as well as parents, students, policymakers and key influencers.

Making America Festival

September 23-26, 2020 | Cincinnati, OH
Get hands-on with modern manufacturing.
Connect. Create. Lead.

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Creators Wanted 2020 is our answer to two of the biggest workforce challenges that manufacturers face: overcoming misperceptions of the industry and closing the skills gap. It is a combined effort of the NAM and its nonprofit education and workforce partner, The Manufacturing Institute.

With your help, we can create the future.

Create the Future

Creators turn big ideas into new realities. In 2020, we’re hitting the road to find our creators. Are you one of them?

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